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      當前位置:科學網首頁 > 基金首頁 > 導電聚合物界面性質的協同作用選擇性調控特定細胞行為的研究



      批準號51503126 學科分類生物醫用高分子材料 ( E0310 )
      項目負責人丁春梅 負責人職稱講師 依托單位四川大學
      項目類別青年科學基金項目 研究期限2016 年 01 月 01 日 至
      2018 年 12 月 31 日
      英文主題詞conducting polymers;interfacial property;targeted cells;regulate;synergetic effect


      中文摘要 特定細胞在材料表面的粘附、增殖、取向排列等行為,對材料表面內皮化(內皮細胞),肌肉再生(肌細胞),神經修復(神經細胞)尤為重要。由于導電聚合物(CPs)獨特的摻雜導電機制,生物相容性,易于結構化制備的特點,CPs成為了材料與細胞界面的研究熱點。但是,對于如何充分利用CPs的界面性質,有效選擇并調控特定細胞的行為,仍然面臨著困難與挑戰。因此,本申請擬利用磷酸膽堿修飾的單體摻雜多肽分子,制備取向結構的CPs。通過平衡磷酸膽堿抗粘附與多肽特異性粘附的作用,實現CPs對目標細胞的有效選擇;借助取向結構的“接觸引導”效應誘導細胞的鋪展與定向排列;多肽摻雜劑限制于聚合物鏈中,隨著導電聚合物的氧化還原發生構型改變,進一步實現對細胞粘附的智能調節。本項目的創新點是:結合CPs的化學成分,表面結構以及電刺激響應性,實現多效應協同調控細胞行為。這對于對植入材料界面功能化的實現具有重要的科學意義和技術應用價值。
      英文摘要 Adhesion, proliferation and alignment of certain cells on surfaces are crucial for in-situ endothelialization (endothelial cells), muscle regeneration (myoblasts) and nerve regeneration (nerve cells). Due to their unique doping conduction mechanism, biocompatibility and easy preparation, conducting polymers (CPs) have attracted a lot of research interest in the area of material-cell interface. However, it still remains a challenge to regulate behaviors of targeted cells effectively by utilizing interfacial property of conducting polymers adequately. As a consequence, taking advantage of phosphorylcholine modified monomer and peptide dopants, we plan to fabricate aligned CPs surface in this project. Antifouling phosphorylcholine and cell-specific peptide are balanced to achieve efficient adhesiveness of targeted cells. Aligned surface structure of CPs is expected to induce the spreading and alignment of cells by the effect of ‘contact guidance’. Moreover, considering the electric redox responsiveness of CPs, accompanied by the configuration change of doped peptide, reversible cell adhesion is realized. The innovation of this project: we first propose to regulate behaviors of targeted cells by the synergetic interfacial properties of CPs, including the chemical composition, surface structure and electric stimulation responsiveness. We believe this research will shed new light on interfacial functionalization of implant materials and is of either scientific significance or practical value.


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